Achilles Wheel Wins Sacramento Sammie!

Wed Apr 2019 | News, Press.

This year, more than 40,000 votes were cast in Sacramento News & Review’s Sacramento Area Music Awards, far exceeding participation the past four years. More than 250 artists were nominated in 29 categories in the 27th SAMMIES awards. Achilles Wheel went home with the award for the World Music category. Says SN&R: “Genres can’t really contain… Read more »

The Horse and the Wheel: The Magic is Real

Tue Jan 2018 | News, Press.

Thanks to Tyler Blue of Nevada City’s Crazy Horse for this inspiring and creative review of a two-night show, December, 2017.

Awesome Reviews of AW – High Sierra Music Fest 2017

Thu Jul 2017 | News, Press.

Achilles Wheel was a fave among the many incredible artists at HSMF 2017 for these festival goers and journalists: and Tales from the Tent – High Sierra Music Festival 2017

Online Journal Reviews Devil in the Yard

Wed Jun 2016 | News, Press.

  Another fabulous review of the new album, Devil in the Yard. Check it out on Deborah Grabien’s online journal of roots music called “No Depression” :

Latest Reviews from Europe

Fri May 2016 | News, Press.

From Swedish record company, Skivbolog: “Nevada City gang Achilles Wheel greatly impressed us with both the debut of 13 Hours (2013) and follow-up, Stone To Sand (2014) . Now, thirteen new songs on the new Devil in the Yard, and I think it’s at least as good as before. Roots rock with country vibes, Americana with smart… Read more »

Devil in the Yard reviewed on Grateful Web

Fri Mar 2016 | News, Press.

The new Achilles Wheel CD, “Devil in the Yard,” is out March 19. You’ll be sure to want to read this fabulous review of the band’s third album by Dylan Muhlberg: And we’ll see you at the Miners Foundry, Nevada City on March 19 for the CD release party!  

AW Earns Live Music Award

Fri Nov 2015 | News, Press.

Congrats to Achilles Wheel! The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce has awarded the band with the 2015 Live Music Award. Members of the band will be presented with the award at a celebration in January.

AW Review Featured on Grateful Web

Fri Jul 2015 | News, Press.

Follow the link below for the published article on a recent AW show in Marin County:

AW Reviewed by Germany’s Good Times Magazine

Tue Dec 2014 | News, Press.

“Even more colorful, more quirky and much more interesting is Achilles Wheel’s 2nd album Stones To Sand. Of course they are foster children of the Grateful Dead, but what makes them unique is the laid back nonchalance and how they perform their songs!  Ideas, played in just seconds by other bands, are celebrated over the… Read more »

Achilles Wheel – News From Europe

Mon Nov 2014 | News, Press.

Achilles Wheel’s latest album, Stones to Sand, is the “Album of the Week” on Sweden’s music website, Hemifran. For the reviews:

Achilles Wheel Hits the Right Notes with Stones To Sand

Tue Oct 2014 | News, Press.

by Deborah Grabien, October 28, 2014 Recently, a friend of mine asked me casually what I was listening to. When I said I was putting together a review for Achilles Wheel’s new CD, Stones To Sand, his response was an immediate “Awesome! Those guys can play!” Since the friend in question is a pretty damned… Read more »

Achilles Wheel: Rising Up to Paradise

Mon Aug 2014 | News, Press.

A great review of AW’s August 8 show at the Crazy Horse in Nevada City…. Here is an excerpt: “This is why people cherish a cover band at the top of their game. In that time and space, it feels as close to the original as you can get. In some cases, perhaps even better…. Read more »

Achilles Wheel: Ringing in Summer with Stones to Sand

Mon Jun 2014 | Press.

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 by Tyler Blue in Crazy Horse Blog We’ve never needed a special occasion for people to get excited about seeing Achilles Wheel at the Crazy Horse. On June 20 and 21st, we had two occasions to up the ante on the celebration – Summer Solstice and the release of… Read more »

The Union Newspaper Celebrates “Stones to Sand”

Mon Jun 2014 | Press.

The band’s new album, called “Stones To Sand,” documents the continuing songwriting emergence/growth of an outfit that at first glance would seem to belong in the Grateful Dead, Phish, jam-band mold, but on closer inspection reveals itself to be a group of seasoned pros smack dab in the middle of plotting their own course, defining… Read more »