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From Swedish record company, Skivbolog:

“Nevada City gang Achilles Wheel greatly impressed us with both the debut of 13 Hours (2013) and follow-up, Stone To Sand (2014) . Now, thirteen new songs on the new Devil in the Yard, and I think it’s at least as good as before. Roots rock with country vibes, Americana with smart passes to Bob Dylan and a number of tremendously good songs. Some songs in the middle of the disc do not hit as hard, but still good. Otherwise, it’s so many good songs that I actually still leaning to the highest grade. Another step forward for this band man with obvious luskar right on if you like these genres.”

German review from Country Jukebox website:

“We’ve been following the Country-Folk-Rock-Formation ACHILLES WHEEL from Nevada City, California, right from the beginning of their still rising career. Album No. 3, titled Devil In The Yard, is yet fresher, more laid back, catchy and diversified – literally masterly. Splendid, compelling and easy-going, just following their own intuition for the right songs.

The quintet lead by singer, songwriter and guitarist Paul Kamm, enthuses with a perfectly successful, neatly crafted production, which should increase their fan base. In fact, everybody who’s ever seen them perform live, likes them. All-around convincing Americana. Simply grand.”

Thanks to Julika Hardegen in Bonn, Germany, for the German translation.