Achilles Wheel - Thirteen Hours

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Achilles Wheel manages to really get a live feeling on this disc…(13 Hours)…and theyʼre

not afraid to jam a bit. ʻThis is Lifeʼ could have been over in a couple minutes but keeps

going for eight, and the best part is that it doesnʼt feel like too much!

Roger Bengtsson, Ikon webzine – Sweden


Achilles Wheel offers a full musical broadside, being able to adapt to all genres. Both

drummers fill every second with their rhythm and the guitars make me shiver constantly.

Equally great are the vocals, their harmonies hitting the right spot all the time. These

guys are hot and boiling. Go out and buy this album – Iʼm not giving you mine, ever!

Ulli Heise, Rocktimes – Germany

Achilles Wheel is absolutely worth mentioning…you wonʼt get bored at all. Sounds like it

would be a treat to see these guys live too. Dig them yourself. This is good!

Ola Granshagen, Melodic Net – Sweden

…light as a feather harmony singing…a convincing and promising debut!

Folker Music Magazine – Germany

There is something for everyone on 13 Hours.

Rootstime – Belgium

– a band that plays with raw convincing energy, and itʼs songs are so much more than

your typical jamband tunes…

Branimir Lokner, Time Machine Music – Serbia

Achilles Wheel is a force to burn the boards!

Cesar Sezer, Blues Again – France