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Tonight is one of mixed blessings. Achilles Wheel is a family that includes several generations, and so we are again confronting the need to gather around another dear friend who is suffering the reality of being an aging primate, and will be talking this week to doctors and others about what can be done when you find out you have cancer.
Big shouts out to Tom M who has been dancing to the music for his whole life…a lover of life and someone I admire greatly for his fearless belief in good people.
Tom must have been with us in San Francisco last Friday at the Connecticut Yankee because Achilles Wheel’s show there was just great, and felt like a family gathering. We ask you all to send him a good thought..and thank you so much.
We’d also like to thank the folks at the Yankee for having us, and for asking us to come back. We’ll be back to the Yankee on Aug 9th.
Before then we’ll be playing at Famous Moe’s in Roseville CA this coming May 4th, Fitzpatricks winery in Fairplay CA on May 10th, The Sleeping Lady in Fairfax on May 11th and the Whole Earth Fair in Davis on Sunday May 12th.
Until then, safe travels and warm fires. I’m a white guy who sings Marley songs because they speak to all people, and I’m good with that because Bob gives me the courage to sing out feel it.
One Love