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Lyrics by Paul Kamm

Lately I’ve been thinking about it
Too much thinking is sometimes all I do
And lately I’ve been confused about it
Won’t you tell me like you used to do

You said love, love is thicker than water
And all the blood spilled in vain doesn’t quench our thirst
Are we blinded, blinded by the moment
Well I’m praying that bubble’s about to burst

And love is thicker than water
Are we blinded by thirst for one more day
Love is thicker than water
A little taste now just to help us on our way

And the simple things are the hardest to remember
When I burn myself and I want to touch that flame again
All the good books they talk about forgiveness
it makes me wonder, makes me wonder when

And love is thicker than water
are we blinded by thirst, a thirst for love
love is thicker than water
a little taste now, a little taste of love