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the day was hot
hear the crickets crickinʼ
down in the tall grass where the lovers lay oh baby baby, wonʼt you let your hair down come on baby wonʼt you stay

standing on the corner of this old town standing by the come and go
standing one more more time at the crossroads

the streets they are jumping
but I donʼt hear a thing
thereʼs nothing in my heart to stop this ring

oh come on baby letʼs stay together come on now letʼs stick it out

the sun is sinking
down into the tall trees
and that old blue moon is cominʼ up letʼs go out walkinʼ down to the station down to the dance hall
and really really shake it up

baby baby baby oh the sun is sittinʼ low come on baby you know I wonʼt go