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Cross The Bridge
Lyrics by Jonny ‘Mojo’ Flores

Come on out to the music show
Gonna share a little bit of our soul
Gonna do our thing and do it all night long
If you feel the groove, come and dance along
We might not play your favorite tune
But this one, baby, is just for you

Cross the Bridge 4x

See you there with your dancin’ shoes
No, you’ve ain’t got nothing to lose
Shake a leg and jump and shout
Show the people what it’s all about
Hoot and holler, sing a song
The morning will be here before to long

Cross the bridge 4x

Ain’t about nothing but having a time
It’s got a laid back rhythm and feel good rhyme
Everybody one and all
Gonna have ourselves a natural ball
It don’t matter what time it is
It ain’t time to go until this party ends

Cross the bridge