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Billy the mouse was an outlaw kid
grew up making whiskey like his Daddy did
slept by the river just to hear the cold wind blow

Billy shot a man in a desert
for jumpin claims and braggin out loud
but the wind won’t be tied to a gallows pole

Billy said preacher can you free my soul
I want to know where the river flows
The old man always said it would come to this

Preacher said son I know how you feel
Cause the only ones winning are the ones who can steal
and oh lord, love is a thorny kiss

so let it take
let it take you home
let it carry you back where the river flows

Like an empty car on a midnight train
you are the space between the rain
and where you’ll go now only the river knows

But when that old laughing moon is big and bright
you’ll let the music play all night
and follow the river just to see where the water flows

so let it take…

and like Lazarus is mending
no one’s standing here pretending to believe

So Mama don’t worry don’t cry for me
if you hear of good fortune that’s where I’ll be
it’s the same promised land that we used to know
the same old troubles wherever you go

Billy the Mouse was a hero to some
he ain’t waiting around for Jesus to come
but he would help you up as sure as you’re down
and dance with the moon all night long