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The mountains stand tall
But for how long?
Cut like a knife
By the old river song.
Like waves to a cliff
Just a-washing them away.
I’m sorry, babe.
I just can’t stay.

I ain’t talking about love
I ain’t talking in vain.
I’m just looking for a rainbow
After the rain.
I’m hungry and I’m tired,
I’ve been scratched and I’m bruised
I’ve got a mixed up mind
And these highway blues.

Blue is showing up as green
Lately it seems I’ve been
Living in dreams
Baby, if I fall
Won’t you please lend a hand
After all I’m just a common man.

Medusa is turning
This town into stone
And when no one’s left
And she’s all alone
She will weep for she’s Lonesome
Has guilt for the crime
She once was a reef
But now she’s just lime.

And the gypsy woman is giving advice
Saying serenity comes at a high price
All of your burdens
Are just stones on the trail
And you need some wind
If you’re gonna sail

I’m walking a line that has no end
This trend tends to be my friend
Most of the time
I don’t know what to say
I’ll just figure it out along the way.