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One of the most beautiful things about being a traveler is having the chance to meet new people and learn their story. As traveling musicians we are constantly subjecting others to our thing, and while that’s usually pretty great, it’s a gift to us to be drawn into the lives of those we are meeting for the first time.
Jonny and Gary and I played at Fitztpatricks winery in Fairplay on Friday as a warm up to heading out to the Bay Area. The folks there are very friendly and supportive of live music, and the vinyard is dotted with owl houses, so the night is full of both human and owl hoots.
Before our Saturday show at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax we stopped over with our friend Seamus in Lincoln California for a great community BBQ and fund raising event. It was the first heat of the year and the grownups were mostly hiding with a cool drink while the kids danced quite nicely to the sounds of Achilles Wheel…
Into the twilight we arrived in Marin and were fortunate to make it in time to hear our friends Spark and Whisper start up the night at the Sleeping Lady. You really should check these two wonderful songwriters out…they’ll be at the Kate Wolf Festival this year and bring a very real thing with their music.
We had a trio with Shelby on bass at the Sleeping Lady and found a good bit of magic, as we try to do no matter what. Shelby is attracting a bit of attention for his bass playing…a bit unconventional even by our liberal standards, but like the dude said in the film ‘All of Me’…’what, you don’t like that?’ All y’all will learn to like it and forget about ‘normal’ bass playing…it’s right because it’s heartfelt. We thank the owners of the Sleeping Lady for taking a chance on an unknown band…and yes of course we’ll come back.
The good folks at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis welcomed us in on Sunday, and we found many new friends willing to brave the first heat of Spring, dancing like no one was watching. Thanks to you all!!
Check our calendar for upcoming shows, and thanks so much for coming out. Get your wheels up.