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Achilles Wheel is a California band that blurs the lines between genres with a mix of infectious high energy dance beats and stark lyrical ballads. Roots Rock storytelling combined with dance hall psychedelia.

Much like life itself, their music breathes in and out with joy and pain, hurtling forward like a wheel, intent on hope and love.  They play hard as a way to break down walls and celebrate life.  Their idealism is not diminished by the harsh light of the modern world as we struggle to live free and have a good time… and in the end – hopefully make a difference.  Achilles Wheel fearlessly sings out to these times, the here and now.

The Wheel began 2018 with the release of their 4th studio album “Sanctuary”. From sweaty dance halls to intimate acoustic shows, the band never tires of relating to their audience and will keep playing until the conversation is complete.

“These Sierra Mountain improvisational-spirited rockers never paid much mind as to how other “jam-bands” do it, nor do they let their influences determine their sound.” – The Grateful Web

The Friends of Achilles Wheel Highway Cleanup is a monthly volunteer event dedicated to picking up trash along the road in the band’s hometown of Nevada City. Battle against the rogue litter that inexplicably escapes from people’s cars and you’ll earn a ticket to the next show!

Check the events page on the site and the Achilles Wheel Facebook for updates on upcoming shows and cleanup events; don’t forget to follow them on their new Instagram account: @achilleswheelband for more original content from the band.

We anticipate a full show schedule for 2019. Keep an eye on our tour page.



For fairly obvious reasons, I hear from a lot of so-called jam bands.  None have impressed me the way Achilles Wheel did.  They certainly can jam – the rhythm section is wicked, Paul’s rhythm guitar is first-rate, and Jonny’s lead can make a stone dance.  But what so many jam bands lack, AW has in spades – namely, truly excellent song-writing, primarily from Paul but from other members, too.  Lyrics and melodies both – these are songs you remember – and will. – Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead Publicist & Author

“The stylistic capacity of Achilles Wheel is ever surprising, constantly evocative of something warmly familiar, but never entirely definite. It’s that blend of well structured solos, integrated musicianship, beautiful vocal melodies and strengthened songwriting that has been Achilles Wheel from the beginning but now finds them in peak form.

As expansive of an achievement as Devil In The Yard is, their improvisational expertise and interlocked dexterity makes their live show a spectacular event on its own level. This album is bound to make some new lifelong followers of the Nevada City rockers.” Dylan Muhlberg, Grateful Web

“Achilles Wheel has once again shown that they’re as good in the studio as they are live. I gave up trying to single out particular songs as standouts on my second listen, because the 13-song list plays more like a beautifully crafted set. There are no weak tunes on Devil In The Yard, and no filler. The CD is a corker, edge to edge, covering the spectrum of exuberance to regret.” Deborah Grabien, No Depression (speaking about Devil in the Yard)