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Achilles Wheel, from the beginning…
I discovered the magic of music when the cook at my summer camp handed me his guitar one night and showed me the chords to a few new songs that we all liked. That story has been repeated a million times or more before and since, but it’s the truth behind everything we’ll tell you about ourselves and the people we admire from this point on.
I’ve been given the task of bringing you the news about our new band Achilles Wheel. This is fitting since I am the one person in the band, and the only person I currently know who does not have a FaceBook page. I am perhaps behind the times, or maybe not. So here I begin a blog of sorts about Achilles Wheel.. an anti-blog better yet, designed to let you know about the comings and goings, the trials and travails and the loves and passions of our musical family.
We’ll talk more about that after we play at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco this Friday. Thursday we’ll be at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City with a small trio, and Saturday with the full band.
Peace to you all and we’ll get back to you soon.