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Gary Campus started playing the drums in Waterbury Connecticut when he was only 8 years old. He grew up studying with jazz drummers, playing in concert bands, swing and marching bands, symphonies and theater pit bands. Gary played in working blues and rock bands all during his high school years.  In 1976, Gary  moved to Nevada City, California where he soon teamed up with singer, songwriter Paul Kamm.  Their musical partnership continued through the years.  In 1994 Paul and Gary joined the band The Deadbeats. This longstanding and popular band has been playing to their enthusiastic fans ever since.

When not busy with The Deadbeats, Gary has played with many bands and musicians in Nevada County, including Ivan Najera, Christine and Rob Bonner and Scottish Fiddler Alasdair Fraser. Gary has performed and been a percussion instructor at Alasdair’s Fiddle Camps for the past 8 years.
Gary is currently working with Celtic Fiddler Deby Benton Grosjean and other traditional Scottish music groups thru-out California. He is also involved in several theater and orchestral groups in the Nevada City area.

Gary met and began collaborations with Johnny MoJo Flores, evolving into the current, exciting project of Achilles Wheel. This project features Gary and Mark McCartney on the drum sets. Together they explore and engage in a unique percussive conversation surely to make you groove.
Gary enjoys and is celebrated for his musical diversity. He is known to express himself through his heartfelt and passionate rhythms,  adding his soulful colorings to every tune he plays.