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Grateful Expressions

By Criesta Jerray

Art has been a language expression since my childhood days of coloring on walls. My deep rooted artistic passion heirlooms from a long line of influences and life experiences. At the age of 4, I discovered the magic of translating thoughts, dreams, fears, desires, and perception without the use of voice. With the application of color to a blank surface, I could recreate the universe within my mind’s eye.

“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” -Pablo Picasso

Grateful Expressions came to life in February 2009 and I’ve been commissioned under Jonny Mojo Music, Dead Ahead, Achilles Wheel, American River Music Festival, Coloma Blues Live, Keep Smilin’ Promotions- representing Poor Man’s Whiskey, Righteous Roots, and Freshmint Design.
Resonating with the 60’s and 70’s music and art scene, my music posters are created raw: hand drawn and painted. Thus far, I have created event and festival posters, band and business logos, album covers, hand painted signs, fine art paintings, and tattoo designs.
Music… “live” music in particular, continues to be a conductor of inspiration for my career as an artist. Likewise, my works of art bolster the music that I love.

“Grateful Expressions shares art with the community through a grassroots approach that inspires the soul to smile.” -Jonny ‘Mojo’ Flores 

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